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Defending Birmingham Citizens Against Excessive Police Force

Everyone Has The Right To Have Their Constitutional Rights Upheld

Police have a tough job protecting our streets, but that does not mean they are within the law when violating your rights. Use of excessive force and other misconduct by police officers seems to be occurring in Alabama and all across the country at an alarming rate.

Although police have the authority to use force to uphold the law, they do not have open-ended power to exercise unwarranted and extreme force. In the United States, citizens are protected against such excessive police misconduct under both the 4th Amendment and the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, as well as Section 1983 of the U.S. Code.

Lawyers Protecting Birmingham Residents From Police Misconduct

At Lloyd & Hogan, we fight for the rights of individuals whose constitutional rights have been violated because a police officer or other governmental representative overreached his or her authority.

We have represented individuals in Birmingham and throughout the state of Alabama who were unlawfully assaulted by police officers and have obtained successful judgments or settlement awards.

Offering Our Support

If you or a family member was the victim of police brutality, contact us to speak with one of our civil rights attorneys to discuss the situation in further detail.

Regardless of creed, color or circumstance, if the situation involved unwarranted physical force or psychological intimidation, our attorneys are here to offer our advocacy.

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