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Hit by a drunk driver? Here's what to do.

When you're hit by a drunk driver, emotions can run high. While you may feel grateful to walk away with your life, there are medical bills and traumatic memories to deal with in the aftermath.

If you've been hit by a drunk driver, here's what do to to get the legal relief you deserve.

What is Social Security Disability Insurance?

When people think of Social Security Disability Insurance--often referred to as SSDI--they often think of government programs, not insurance. The truth is in the name. SSDI is a form of insurance, paid into by employees and employers.

For those who qualify, SSDI payments are based on your work history, specifically the history of how long you've worked in your lifetime and what your earnings have been. SSDI uses the term "quarters of coverage," a government measurement based on your work history to calculate an SSDI payment. As you work, you pay into the system and earn quarters of coverage. All workers do this, whether in an office, a factory, a restaurant or self-employed.

Successfully Co-Parenting As The Kids Go Back To School

If you are separated, in the middle of a divorce or already divorced, getting the kids back to school still needs to be a team effort. There are a number of issues that can arise in the process whether with scheduling, supplies, involvement on the first day or volunteering in the classroom. 

We've outlined some common issues as well as considerations for successfully navigating this busy time of year. We know that your goal as parents is to minimize the stress for your children and make going back to school a positive experience. 

Common reasons for 18-wheeler wrecks

Car accidents happen every day, but most of these are relatively minor. That is not the case with large trucks and buses. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that there were over 4,000 buses and trucks involved in fatal crashes in 2015.

Due to the immense size of these vehicles, collisions have a greater likelihood of resulting in injuries or fatalities. It is vital for truckers and trucking organizations to understand why these accidents typically occur so they can take the proper steps to avoid them in the future.

What to watch for to identify a distracted driver

People are constantly on the go in today's world, and it is easy to become distracted while you are driving. Distractions come in many forms, from texting on a cell phone to looking out the window at a beautiful sunset. The problem comes when a distracted driver causes an accident that leaves another person injured or dead.

There are three main types of distracted driving, and awareness can help you to stay away from drivers who seem distracted. If you hope to avoid the tragedy that comes from a car accident, watch for any of the following signs.

Two surprising factors account for traffic fatalities in Alabama

Across the United states, there were 35,092 deaths as the result of motor vehicle crashes in 2015. The figures, provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation, cited a number of causes, including alcohol, lack of seatbelt use and speeding. Here in Alabama, those factors are definitely contributors to the state's high rate of traffic deaths, but there are two other factors involved.

Rural roads are settings for disaster

Signs that a driver is drunk

Drunk drivers are a big concern for many people. It is estimated that each year, there are more than 121 million drunk driving incidents across the nation, states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Imagine how many of those accidents occur on the streets of Fort Payne. Many people are aware of the dangers of drunk driving. But they may not be aware of how to recognize the signs of intoxication. Motorists should learn how to identify drunk drivers so they can avoid collisions with them.

For some, the start of the New Year means filing for divorce

During the holiday season many "real life" issues get put on hold. Once the chaos is over and the New Year begins it is not uncommon for people to reassess their lives. While this may actually start before the holidays, in January people may be more likely to act on the things they've been thinking about for awhile, such how to take better care of themselves. For people whose marriage has been strained, this may entail filing for divorce.

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